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High Engagement Made Simple

Leading The Many

Building Powerful Collectives For Powerful Results

Leadership oftens feel like pushing too many people through one door.

Successful Leadership continually Transforms Many People and Many Voices into One Powerful Collective to achieve Corporate Goals.

Far simpler. Much less effort. Superior Results.
It is Powerful People & Systems Leadership.

Q Leadership Intelligence helps Leaders respond to the changing face and scale of Leadership with a strategic focus on how to engage, influence and mobilize the Many from 100+, 10,000+, national and global populations.

Transforming People & Systems into Powerful Collectives

Q Leadership Intelligence helps Leaders increase their Influence by building Powerful Collectives using Social System Leadership to Maximize Strategy, People and Systems.

People Into Powerhouses

Creating Powerful Collectives requires revisiting your organization as a Social System with a Social Intelligence which is yours to unify, solidify and Lead for Powerful Results.

As a Social System your organization and the People of your organization form a different entity. 

Collectives are many individuals who join a larger entity. Collectives think and behave differently to the individuals who join them, which increases their effectiveness and collective focus.

Collectives require a collective form of Leadership – Social System Leadership.

Solve Leadership Headaches

Social System Leadership solves 2 key Leadership headaches:

  1. How to Successfully create a motivating Collective focus to increase workflow and output.
  2. How people can tap a higher group intelligence to generate better ideas in less time
    (which ends the endless schedule of long meetings!).

This ensures staff engagement with Core Strategic Aims, dissipates the divide between departments and satellite offices, and removes the difficulty in unifying the Board’s vote.

Social System Leadership is the system to Lead groups of people at all organizational levels.

Stronger Leadership at all organizational levels

Social System Leadership

Social System Leadership transforms groups of individuals into Powerful Collectives to smooth and speed up goal realization for enhanced Success.

Groups of Individuals under the pretense of collective goals remain individuated, which causes high-stress and work conflict. This perpetual stress taints their achievements, which makes People feel unsuccessful in their role.

People Success Creates Perpetual Company Success

Using Social System Leadership enables your Company to enjoy perpetual Success by enabling your People to feel perpetually Successful working for you.

Powerful Collectives are also far easier to mobilize to adapt to changing and challenging circumstances keeping your organization well Ahead of the Curve.

Social System Leadership is a key Leadership domain within the 3Q Leader Framework.

Q Leadership Intelligence is superior to other Leadership Mentoring, Leadership Development, Executive Coaching and Business Coaching providers as we offer a unique focus on your ability to Empower and Affect Others to Achieve Your Vision with our 3Q Leader Framework and Social System Leadership.

Transform your People into Powerful Collectives with Social System Leadership to unify and align your People with Strategic Directions and Organizational Goals.

3Q Leader Framework

3Q Leader Framework is named after the three Leadership Intelligences (Cognitive, Emotion and Social Intelligence) that Successful, Influential Leadership integrates in Leadership domains which involve Strategy, People and Systems for enhanced Success.


Cognitive Leadership is the backbone of organizational performance, financial metrics, operational strategy, logistics and planning. Pragmatic, tangible results-driven Leadership all Leaders rely on for Success.


Strong dynamic relationships is the ladder to Success. Shifting focus from processes to People generates Superior Results. Emotionally Intelligent Leadership is the extra connector for long-term results.


Understanding your organization as a Social System delivers Superior Results by focussing the Many into one Powerful Collective. Curating the breadth and depth of your Globalized Impact.

Expanding The Leadership model

While Cognitive Leadership is the backbone of Leadership, in recent years Emotion Intelligence has delivered great results in
1:1 or 1:5 interpersonal settings. But neither Leadership style addresses the specific needs and requirements to Lead the Many.

In particular settings within larger groups, our individual thoughts and choices morph and align with the ‘big-picture’ focus of the Collective. Such as working together in an emergency, joining the human flow to exit a stadium, cheering for a team or celebrating a performance – we do as One although we are Many.

The Power of Social System Leadership

Imagine harnessing and enhancing the Power of the Collective in your organization for the benefit of your Company.

Creating Environments and Systems that engender Employee-Motivated Higher Performance without the need to command it.

Employee-Motivated Higher Performance allows the divide between individuals within teams, and the separation between departments to dissolve and also dissolving the stress and interpersonal disharmony which detracts from work Results.

Leaders wanting to stay Ahead of the Curve are drawn to the expanded Leadership model offered by our 3Q Leader Framework to expand their Leadership repertoire with the Social System Leadership and enhanced connections between their Cognitive, Emotion and Social Leadership Intelligence skillsets.


The New Leadership Perspective

Amplify your Message. multiply Your Success

Shifting your mindset from Individuals to the Collective creates Next Level Leadership Success.

Systems of Leadership default to applying the thoughts of the few (the Board and the Executive) to the Many. Or the infrequent due to time and cost-intensive process of aggregating the individual opinions of the Many from departmental heads or all-staff surveys.

None systematize understanding the Collective, without the expense of costly surveys, and mobilizing the Many on a daily basis for Powerful Results and Performance.

Applying Social System Leadership gives you a new perspective and insights to: