Strategy. People. Systems. Leadership. Superior Leadership Development and Executive Coaching. Great Leadership is curated. Q Leadership Intelligence offers Leaders a unique program to more deeply connect your Strategy and People with your Leadership for superior results and smoother delivery. Reach out to discuss how to scale your Impact to be the Greatest Leader you can be.
Q Leadership Intelligence keeps your Leadership Ahead of the Curve by helping you create Powerful Collectives with Socially Intelligent Leadership methods. Don't be left behind using Leadership styles from the early 2000s. Powerful Results await you.

Q Leadership Intelligence Origins

Q Leadership Intelligence evolved from High Performance Business Coaching in 2010 to Leadership with Empathy Emotion Intelligence Coaching and now Socially Intelligent Leadership Mentoring using the #Social Leader Method in the #3Q Leader Framework.

Our ‘Q’ is taken from IQ, EQ, SQ – the 3 Leadership Intelligences, which when used consciously in Leadership Maximize Organizational Performance.

Socially Intelligent Leadership generates Corporate Capital. It includes your Corporate Vision, Strategic Directions, Corporate Culture, Systems Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence, Equity and Diversity Performance, Company-wide initiatives and Organizational Performance Metrics.

You cannot solve a problem with the mind that created it” ~ Albert Einstein

We offer a Leadership Model which distinguishes between and combines the Leadership Intelligences to Lead Powerful Collectives and stay Ahead of the Curve.

Numbers Speak For Themselves!

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Principal Mentor

Ally Smart is a highly sought after Leadership Mentor and Executive Coach, who works with Leaders on many continents from many industries. She was Founder and Director of health and medical centres, Senior Management, Journalist, and Researcher.

The profitable sale of her Company allowed her to pursue her dual passions to work with Leaders and Lead her own innovative research.

Inspired by the experiences of her Mentoring clients, Ally Smart created Q Leadership Intelligence’s 3Q Leader Framework and the Social Leader Method, which form the basis of her doctorate, and a book waiting to be written.

Clients describe her Mentoring as: insightful, challenging, thought-provoking, bold, inspiring and authentic.

Her global perspective and passion for evidence-based strategies, position Ally Smart as an expert guide for Leaders wishing to fulfil their Vision and Legacy dreams to achieve real-life organizational outcomes and business success. 

She mentors Leaders from different spheres, including Executives, Politicians and Entrepreneurs. 

Client Confidentiality

Privacy is paramount and our sessions are confidential. Though you are invited to use our name in your referrals.

Memberships & Affiliations
  • International Society of Intelligence Researchers
  • Society of Industrial and Organisational Psychologists
  • EQi-2.0 and EQ-360 Assessor and Mentor
  • Sexual Violence Expert Advisory Group of WA member
  • Montreal Cognitive Assessment Assessor


Ally Smart welcomes invitations to speak at your conference, Board meeting, or other forums about Leadership Intelligence and how that might best serve your organisation, and your Leadership team.

Maximizing Your Leadership for Greatness interview on The Essential Mindset vodcast (BrightTalk, 2023). 58:35 minutes.
NB. This interview was held at 2AM my time to suit the regular US timeslot. 

Topic Timecode.
05:30 Multiple Intelligences in Leadership.
06:40 Emotion Intelligence.
08:00 Social Intelligence.
09:30 Difference between Emotion Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence.
12:00 All 3 intelligences in Leadership.
14:40 Social Intelligence contrasted with Emotion Intelligence.
17:20 Social Intelligence Leader examples: Richard Branson and Bill Gates.
26:00 Leadership Intelligence is not being Mensa-intelligent in all 3 domains.
27:30 Maximizing Your Leadership by adding EQ, and SQ lens to Your Leadership.
29:00 Multi-generations in the workplace, require multi-intelligences in Leadership.
35:30 Post-pandemic, hybrid workplace Leadership.
39:30 Two sub-types of IQ.
42:00 Why use Leadership Intelligence?
47:00 Challenge yourself to Lead the change in Your Leadership.
50:00 Questions.
53:00 Altering the levels of each intelligence in Your Leadership.
54:50 How connection and understanding You as a Leader increase followership engagement.