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#Social Leader Method

A Socially Intelligent and Powerful Method Which Maximizes People & Systems

Co-location, team-building days, corporate events, project team membership, the ‘family’ tag, creates transient goodwill but misses the opportunity for Sustainable High-Performing Collectives aligned with Organizational Strategic Directions which achieve Operational Goals.

The #SocialLeaderMethod attracts Leaders whose Vision and Goals require continual high performance, perpetual profitability, organizational growth, corporate expansion, and the confidence of the Board.

The #SocialLeaderMethod enables Leaders seeking to:

  • Secure high staff engagement with your Company’s Strategic Directions.
  • Induce High Collective Intelligence in Company meetings from frontline staff right through to the Executive.
  • Enable the Identification of System Efficiencies to accelerate team performance.
  • Transform your People into Powerful Collectives.
  • Neutralize causes of Collective Conflict.
  • And generate Higher Productivity with less effort.

Engage & Align your people for results

Transform your People into Powerful Collectives with the #SocialLeaderMethod to unify and align your People with Strategic Directions and Organizational Goals.

Collective versus Collaborative

Socially Intelligent Leaders benefit by identifying contexts which Maximize Performance using a Socially Intelligent Collective Approach, from those better served with an Individualistic Collaborative Approach.

  • Identify which contexts and systems always require Socially Intelligent Leadership, and
  • Identify when changing circumstances require you to change gears between the two for Superior Results.
Q Leadership Intelligence provides:
  • 1:1 Leadership Mentoring to understand the #3QLeaderFramework and apply the #SocialLeaderMethod to transform your People & Systems into Powerful Collectives for Superior Results, AND / OR
  • 2-Day Foundational Workshop for Leaders in your organization to understand the theory and concepts that underpin the #3QLeaderFramework and the #SocialLeaderMethod, AND / OR
  • Consulting to identify areas of highest organizational need and greatest organizational benefit from the #SocialLeaderMethod to achieve Superior Results.

Services are tailored, please enquire to discuss solutions which suit your Organization and your Goals.

Other Aspects

Emotion Intelligence

Emotion Intelligence in Leadership builds strong business relationships and self-sustaining Leadership.

Leaders who understand emotion and empathy as highly prized Leadership tools enjoy advantages in many ways, and have edge over their competitors.

Benefits include understanding others, strong interpersonal relationships, authentic leadership, greater influence, enhanced negotiating ability, stress mitigation, decision clarity and superior networking.

To Book A Conversation about Emotion Intelligence in Leadership, click below.

Equity & Diversity

Much has occurred in this space in recent years and Leaders should expect to be continually reviewing their policies, procedures to improve their Equity & Diversity Performance.

Equity and Diversity is one aspect of the #SocialLeaderMethod as it affects your workforce as a whole.

Understand issues related to gender, non-binary, gender fluid etc. Respect@Work to prevent and post-incident response to sexual assault. Diversity and multicultural workplaces.

To Book A Conversation about Equity & Diversity, click below.

Legacy Project

Your Legacy Q-Program is a bespoke
engagement to support you to realize Your Leadership Legacy and Revolutionize Your World in some way.

Legacy is for Leaders who want to use their position of influence to ‘revolutionize’ an aspect of the world and leave a lasting positive imprint for future generations.

Your Leadership Legacy may be a project to change something inside or outside of your industry, and stems from your passion to ‘create or correct’.

To Book A Conversation about your Legacy Project, click below.

#3Q Leader Framework

The #SocialLeaderMethod sits within the #3Q Leader Framework – a Leadership Intelligence model which Maximizes Leadership.

Knowledge is Power. The #3Q Leader Framework provides the knowledge Leaders need to actively choose which of the 3 Leadership Intelligences (Cognitive, Emotion, and Social Intelligence) will better serve their needs and Goals to achieve the Results they desire.

Knowing how Cognitive, Emotion and Social Intelligences are applied to Leadership. Plus the separate and combined interactions between the 3 Leadership Intelligences is a game-changer for Leaders who seek to stay Ahead of the Curve and their competitors.